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My name is Cujoy, and these are the things I'm interested in and generally post about:

As you can probably tell from my current journal content, I've been infected with a bandom. My first bandom in AGES, and by that, I mean since I was a kid. (Probably a mid-life Crisis, so don't mind me...). And it is One Direction. LOL. I should hang my head in shame, but seriously, I'm having too much fun. So I just hope my friends will suffer through this with me. Hahahahaha.

I'm also into Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, The Americans and 12 Monkeys. And there is Mad Men, and my two reality show staples - The Amazing Race, and Survivor. And I've been convinced to watch Walking Dead, but I don't think I like it that much so...

As I said above, in regards to TV, my OTS is still Battlestar Galactica, my ship was and is forever Kara/Sam. I just can't get enough of those two kids, even if it spat in the face of the overwhelmingly popular Kara/Lee ship. ;) I'm contrary that way. It's a curse.

I do the same with 1D. I'm a Liam Girl. My ship order is: Lirry, Ziam, Lilo, Zouis, Niam, Nouis, Narry, Ziall, Zarry, Larry. Yup. Larry is my LEAST FAVORITE. I think it's sooooo 2012. But it is the ship that ate the fandom, and that's too bad. You'll find I talk a lot about shipping in this blog.

Movies: I loved Chronicle, Sky High, which is a dorky little Disney movie from a few years ago. It was just adorable and needs to become a franchise. I adored Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, though I've never been able to work my way through either fandom. Divergent and Hunger Games are both great! Yay for Malificent and Frozen being such a success.

Sports: Baseball (Reds, Cubs & White Sox) Football (Bengals, Bears, Colts, Steelers)

In regards to my fandom tastes. I try my best to keep my fandom about the things that I love, not the things that I hate. I am, however, quite capable of issuing a good old fashioned rant when I think one is justified. You've been warned.


FYI - If you want to be my Friend, that's great! You don't need to ask, and I'll be happy to Friend you back.

Currently on my DVR:

Game of Thrones
Downton Abbey
The Americans
The Amazing Race
Doctor Who
12 Monkeys
Dark Matter

Oh, and my 1D order is:
Liam <-- I'm a huge Liam stan. If you can't take it, bye bye...)
Zayn <-- Because he quit and all, and will probably be rewarded for it.
1d, astronomy, baseball, battlestar galactica, bengals, bill weasley, boys named sam, brienne of tarth, bsg, candice accola, caroline forbes, caroline/tyler, catelyn stark, chronicle, chronicle movie, dragonbone chair, dualla, ellen tigh, final five, forwood, game of thrones, gendry, got, harry potter, harry styles, harry/ginny, hogwarts, house baratheon, house stark, house tully, hybrids, james t. kirk, jamie lannister, jamie/brienne, jeff/annie, joan holloway, joey votto, johnny bench, josua, josua/vorzheva, kara thrace, kara/sam, katara, katara/zuko, katee sackhoff, katniss/peeta, laura roslin, lee/dee, legend of korra, liam payne, lirry, liz parker, liz/kyle, longshot, lord of the rings, lotr, mad men, maergery tyrell, marvel comics, matt garetty, michael trevino, michael trucco, miriamele, mlb, molly weasley, movies, mythology, nfl, olenna tyrell, one direction, peggy olsen, pete/trudy, queen of thorns, ravenclaw, red keep, reds, river song, robb stark, ron/hermione, roswell, sam anders, sam gamgee, samuel t. anders, samwell tarly, sandor clegane, sandra bullock, sansa stark, sarah brightman, saul tigh, science fiction, scrapbooking, seoman, shawn farrell, shiri appleby, spoilers, sports, stannis baratheon, star trek, starbuck, starbuck/anders, starshot, stefan/elena, stelena, survivor, tad williams, the 4400, the hound, the last airbender, tng, tolkien, tory foster, tricia helfer, tvd, tyler lockwood, tyrion lannister, vampire diaries, vorzheva, warren peace, warren/layla, weasley family, white sox, winterfell, worf, worf/troi, x-men, zayn malik, zuko, zutara

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