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Another Spoiler Summary Update

Liam That Moment Ad
I've been keeping my original BSG Spoiler post updated and I have reorganized them by character.  So I thought that I'd bump it back up to the top.  If anyone knows of anything I've missed, please let me know in the comments.


Note:  This post was last updated 2-23-08 with all episode titles now confirmed and lots and lots of promo pic goodness.  I've also added links to the individual Promo vids.  I captured most, but not all of them myself.  Those I did not capture, I have credited to the capturer.

It's all under a cut:
Things I'm pretty sure of from various sources.   As always, if it's in italics, that's me speculating.  Don't take anything in italics as a spoiler, it is educated speculation.  And nothing here is in stone.  

Remember the number one rule of Spoilage - Take it with a grain of salt!

*** Note that newer information is dated.  Newest information is dated and highlighted in red.

***  General Spoilers

Episode Titles:  2-23-08 episode titles now confirmed by Maureen Ryan

4.1 /4.2  Razor
4.3  He That Believeth In Me
4.4  Six of One
4.5  Ties That Bind
4.6  Escape Velocity
4.7  The Road Less Travelled  added 2-23-08
4.8  Faith
4.9  Guess What's Coming to Dinner  added 2-23-08
4.10 Sine Qua Non added 11-19-07
4.11 The Hub added 2-23-08
4.12 Revelations  added 10-18-07

Added 1-12-08  The first season 4 Promotional Image:  The Last Supper.

Added 1-15-08  Final Four promo image from TV GuideSee original scan with spoilery tid bits.  And thanks to dryope has higher resolution versions of all these pictures.  Here and Here.

For Highest Res go to galactica_pix 

Added 2-23-08 The Full Cast Picture

Larger Last Supper Image

Space Preview

Original Trailer

Talking Head Promo

Added 2-23-08  Adama/Kara/Six/Lee Promo 

Note:  Individual Character Promo's have been added to the individual character sections.

Edited 1-15-08-  Roslin's whiteboard head count may be down to as low as 21,000.  (Suggesting the cliffhanger battle may be brutal.  I've always expected that at some point, that head count was going to take another devastating hit.) (This comes from a set of pictures posted by a couple who visited the set.  The white board was clearly shown with this much lower number on it.  The pictures later vanished.  And I wouldn't post them, even if, by some odd chance, I had a copy of them ;)  )  Note:  a second set of set pictures has emerged, this time with a whiteboard count of 34,000.  Meaning that the whiteboard count in the pictures may be a foiler.  But also note that the devastating nature of the battle now seems confirmed by the Space Preview.  We know that at least one ship is lost, the Pixis with 600 souls aboard.

A screen capture from the Space Preview battle:

*****Earth Spoilers (Section added 11-14-07)

Added 9-27-07 - The name of the 13th Colony in Colonial Scriptures is... Cylon.    Source:  Ausiello's August 1st Column.

Set pictures have turned up on the net depicting an outdoor set on Centennial Beach in Vancouver.

They appear to depict the ruins of a modern building.  Note the steel girders sticking out of the top  (A Planet of the Apes Earth?)

(This fits very well with earlier spoilers that they will find Earth earlier then expected, as this set is being used for the mid-season finale.)

Added 1-15-08  More set pics from another source Bloginhood

*****Starbuck Spoilers


Added 2-23-08
Kara Promo  (The shot of Kara is a recap of the end of Crossroads II.  "I found Earth, and I'm going to take us there.")

-  Added 1-15-08 from TV Guide print edition.   Starbuck will learn of the Hybrid's prediction that she is the hearld of the apocalypse.

-  Added 1-12-08  From Space Preview:

   Kara believes she might be a Cylon and is extremely freaked out about it.  Sam tries to comfort her.

   Kara repeatedly says she's found earth.

   She appears to have some kind of flash or vision indicating that the Fleet is going the wrong way.

    In an interview in the preview, Katee Sackhoff appears to take the idea that Kara is a Cylon off the table, regardless of what Kara may fear.

-  There will be a lot of Starbuck/Adama conflict, especially in the first episode.   From SDCC, so I guess that makes me a legitimate source on this.  But see documentation  From TV Week.

-  Starbuck will be locked up as a suspected Cylon.  (Makes a lot of sense.)  Source pending

-  At some point, Starbuck will take President Roslin hostage.  Source:  The Two Doctors Internet Radio Show.

-  Adama will search his soul and decide to trust Starbuck.  He'll give her a ship called Demetrius to use on a mission, (probably having something to do with finding Earth.)  Source:  The Two Doctors

-  During his soul searching, Adama will take off and fly in Starbucks pristine Viper that she reappeared in.   Source:  The Two Doctors

- Starbuck will have some "unlikely allies" on this mission.  (Repeated by Katee Sackoff several times.)  Source Scifi Wire.

- Katee suggests that they might find Earth "Earlier then anyone thinks."  EW Interview  (See Helo/Athena/Gaeta spoilers below)

New 11-20-07-  Kara will spend lots of time with Leoben in a forest (and it's not specified if she means Head Leoben or not.)  From Burbank Con report.

New 11-20-07--  Kara will spend time alone on a beach building a bon fire.  (It's implied that the beach is on Earth.)  From Burbank Con report.

New 11-20-07- Kara will spend lots of time with Laura and the "Cylon Ladies".  -  From Burbank Con report.

New 11-20-07 - Kara thinks she is a probably a Cylon.  (But Katee herself thinks she isn't.)  From Burbank Con report.

*****Roslin and Adama spoilers


Added 2-23-08
Roslin Promo  (Laura is wearing her hospital gown, and pensively says:  "Sometimes the right thing is a luxury."  The person in the forground is blurry, but might be Lee!)  (Note, this is only a link.  I did not download this particular promo to You Tube.  Please credit SevorTB for the hard work of recording, copying and uploading this.)

Added 2-23-08  Adama Promo (Adama tells Starbuck, "I'm tired of turning away from the things that I want to believe in."   There are rumors around that Adama will eventually trust Starbuck... Hence intrusting her with the mission aboard Demetrius.  This appears to be part of that scene.)

New 1-12-08  -  From Space Preview.  Roslin will query Caprica Six regarding whether Starbuck is a Cylon or not.  She will also question Starbuck, and will be held hostage.

Added 10-17-07 - Roslin may only make it to a little past mid-season.  This according to gossip shared by Michael Hinman at Syfyportal.  NOTE:  This story is in dispute, and has been refuted by Mrs. Ron on the Scifi Forum, for whatever that's worth.

-  Nana Visitor will guest star as a cancer patient and have scenes with Roslin(EW article)

Added 11-6-07 - Ron Moore quote regarding Adama/Roslin and Mary's role in season 4, 11-4 Q&A:  Source:  Skiffy Board.

There will be a trajectory to the Laura/Adama story.

Mary definitely has more to do this year and her story is one of the main throughlines for the entire season.

*****Apollo Spoilers


Added 2-23-08
Lee Promo ("I didn't take this job to help you undermine the president."  Lee appears to say that to a male wearing a suit who could very well be Zarek.  Lee is seated at a desk, which appears to be on Colonial One.)  Credit ezaspi1970 for this one. 

Added 1-15-08  A spoiler picture from the set seems to confirm that Lee (and Baltar) will make it to Earth!  From bloginhood

Added 1-12-08 from Space Preview.   Apollo will participate in the big opening space battle.  He intially does not seem particularly trustful of Starbuck, but he does greet her with a big hug.

-  Apollo has left the military and is involved in some way with the civil government.  However, his relationship with Roslin is not good because of that whole, ugly betrayal thing he smacked down on her in Crossroads II.  On a shallow note:  this apparently means he'll have longer hair.  (grrrr, I still haven't forgiven him.)  (This was strongly hinted at by Jamie Bamber at Dragon Con.  See this article on Bamber News for documentation.)

Added 11-19-07  Lee/Dee is Dead  (I'm pretty sure that we were aware of this, but this seems to be confirmation..)  From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

Added 11-19-07  Per Michael Taylor regarding Lee/Kara and whether or not Lee/Kara shippers should have hope regarding this pairing in the final season:  "Have you ever wasted time investing in this show?"  From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

*****Baltar Spoilers 

Added 2-23-08
Baltar Promo  (I'm tired of being afraid.  The time has come to take a stand.)  Credit for this video goes to Progrrl

Added 1-15-08
  A spoiler pic of from the Space Preview of Baltar praying, and another of his harem girl - most likely Tracey Anne.

Added 10-2-07 - Baltar has a daily wireless broadcast.  Nana Visitors character listens to it in sickbay, annoying Laura.  Source:  Maureen Ryan

-  Baltar has a harem...  Described at least in one place as a "brothel".  Baltar will be "getting lots of action", but not from any incarnation of Six, because Baltar will no longer be visited by Head Six, but instead by Caprica's Head Baltar...  (Does this also mean that Caprica no longer has her invisible friend?)  (This is cobbled together from comments at SDCC and Syfy Portal.)

-  One of Baltar's recurring harem girls is named Tracey Anne (One of Baltar's harem)  confirmed by Maureen Ryan.

*****Six/Caprica Six/Natalie Spoilers

Added 2-23-08 Caprica Six Promo (This one is worth speculating on.  This promo involves a scene between Tigh and Caprica which appears to be rather intimate.  She tells him, "We know things about how you work that you'd never know."  They are sitting rather close and looking cozy.  I regard this as a possible foiler to the whole Caprica/Anders scenario outlayed below.  Because Caprica/Tigh would also fit the description of the spoilers that we have.)  Credit for this video goes to Progrrl

-  Added 1-15-08  Natalie (the new Six) will lead a "rebel faction" within the Cylons.  From TV Guide Print Edition.

-  Tricia Helfer will be playing a new version of Six named Natalie.  Natalie's hair is like Tricia's actual hair, and not Caprica's white wig.  (SDCC EW Video Interview)

-  Caprica will "kind of fall in love" - and not with Baltar. (much more on who this probably is below.)  (This quote is from Tricia's SDCC interview posted at

-  Ron Moore has said that he's most surprised by the direction that the Baltar and Caprica Six characters have taken...  (That's not really so much a spoiler as it is a reason to go hmmmmmmmm.)  This is from the SDCC panel, since I was at the panel, I guess that makes me as good a source as anyone. ;)  But you can also see this quote at Eonline.

-  Tricia posted some pictures that were taken during the filming of episode 8.  She appeared to be dressed as Caprica Six, and wearing the same outfit she wore in the episode Downloaded.   According to her blog they were filming intense action scenes.  Prominent in the pictures is Michael Trucco, dressed as Anders in Colonial uniform.  (Sooooo, is this a big clue to Caprica's new interest?  Think about it...  Caprica saved Ander's life in Downloaded, so there is a significant past link between these two characters.  Plus, she told that whole big story in Resurrection Ship about being a Pyramid fan.  And Anders will probably be confused and in a lot of turmoil both because of his personal situation, and because his WIFE just returned from the dead and will be a suspected Cylon.. He may be vulnerable, and maybe a little curious.  In other words, I can totally see it.)  This is from Tricia's blog.

-  Since I've spent so many words on this topic, here's one of the pictures.  (The guy standing there looking very much like a third wheel, is the stunt coordinator.)

- Added 10-24-07   Giving further creedance to the possible Caprica/Anders hook up is Tricia's description of an upcoming fight scene that will take place in season four.  In the scene, she will get in several punches and fly across the room.  She says the fight ends in sex.  This could well be a reference to the scene MT and TH are rehearsing above.  Source:  EW

*****Anders Spoilers


Added 2-23-08  Anders Promo  (Anders is kneeling before Kara in the Memorial hallway and says, "I love you, no matter what."  This is a very romantic appearing scene, and matches scenes we've previously had involving an intimate conversation between the two of them.  It's the same conversation in which he says, "If you're a Cylon, then you've been one since the beginning." )  (Thanks Liz!)

Added 2-23-08  Per the fantastic fan interview conducted by Renewing Spirit - Michael Trucco does not know what Anders Cylon number is.

Added 2-23-08  See the full Trucco interview in Cult Times posted to

The interview includes the following regarding his new status as a Viper Pilot:

There's a tendency to look really cool when you're flying and be like, 'Hey, I've got this,' but my character's whole throughline was one of sheer panic. That was terrific to play and challenging, especially against a green screen. At the same time I was also dealing with dialogue like, 'Copy that,' and having to say your call sign every time you key the radio. That stuff can be confusing, but that played really well because Anders is confused. He doesn't know the correct protocol and instead of saying, 'Ive got visual at three o'clock high', he's like, 'Ive got some dude on my right. Frak. I mean my three o'clock high.' That scrambling of words was real," laughs the actor, "and a perfect fit for the scenes I was doing."

Added 1-12-08  According to the Space Preview, Anders will participate in the big space battle in the first episode.  He will encounter a Raider, which appears to Identify him as a Cylon.   The Raider then disengages from the fight.   (This seems to fit with spoilers below regarding a Cylon Civil War that begins when the Raiders refuse to fight because they identify the Final Five hiding in the fleet.)

Added 1-12-08  According to the Space Preview,  Sam and Kara have a scene in the Memorial hallway in which she is freaking out about being a Cylon.  Sam comforts her.

Added 11-1-07
From a Michael Trucco interview in Cult Times:

He becomes a viper pilot

When Starbuck returns.... " Starbuck thinks she's only been gone 6 hours, but in our world it's 2 months" "Lee grabs her first and gives her this big bear hug, and the Anders comes up to her and he's got tears of joy in his eyes. Of course Starbuck is confused and is like 'Hey, what the hell is going on?'.
The joy, however that Anders feels at having his wife back is then instantly replaced with fear. He's wondering 'Does she recognise I'm a cylon? Do I want her to recognize that? Do I want to tip her off?"
"At the same time Anders is sort of given the task by the other three,Tigh, Tori and Tyrol to pick Kara's brain for information. What does she know? What happened to her when she was gone?" ....
"Katee and I then had another great scene where Anders basically tells Starbuck, 'No matter what happened to you, no matter who you are, even if you were a cylon, I'd still love you'. Sadly her response isn't quite what he's hoping for" jokes the actor. "So their relationship has become strained to say the least, and it continues to be so throughout the early part of season four"

*****Helo and Sharon Spoilers


Added 2-23-08 -
Sharon Promo  (Note:  Athena says "You pick your side and then you stick.  You don't cut and run when things get ugly."  From the background, it's possible that she's on a basestar.  There is much speculation that she is talking to Boomer.)

-  Helo and Gaeta are part of a "splinter group" that forms.  (perhaps to go with Starbuck on her mission?  This spoiler has been fairly well validated by the unmentionable couple's pictures, and by the Grace Park interview below.)  (Said by Tamoh and AJ at a convention in Great Britain.)  Still looking for original sourcing on this.  For now, this TWOP post will have to do.

Added 10-24-07  More info on this mission from a Grace Park interview in Cult Times:  Info from TWOP

    This group, which also includes Anders, will be onboard a ship called Demetrius... 

    Demetrius is a "shit ship" because it is an old sewage refining vessel - So it's hot, sweaty and everyone is in close quarters.

    They're mission was authorized by Admiral Adama, but has gone on longer then expected.

   The groups final deadline for returning to Galactica is less then two days away.  There is dissension in the ranks because one of the members of the group does not want to return, they want to venture further into space.  Tensions are running high, and the you know what hits the fan.

(Note from another source, which shall remain unnamed:  The group on Demetrius also includes Seelix, and Hot Dog.  Quite possibly, it also includes Caprica Six and Barolay.  Starbuck is the leader.  And I would speculate, the person who wants to continue the mission deeper into space.)

***** Chief, Cally and Nicholas Spoilers.

Added 2-23-08 Chief Promo  (Poor angry Chief!  This is a scene between Chief and Adama.  He's literally stamping his feet and says, "I didn't choose this life.  THIS is not my life."   It appears that there is a marine with a gun in the background, causing me to spec that Adama has found out and come to arrest him.)

Added 1-22-08 - From Aaron Douglas Q&A at aarondouglas    The Chief is Number 12.  (This is also confirmed by Meshel73)  

Added 1-22-08 - Aaron Douglas's favorite lines from season 4 are:  (From the above Q&A at aarondouglas

"Daddy's sorry."  (Could this have something to do with the speculation below regarding Cally's fate?)

"Drop you dicks and grab your sticks." (No comment. ;)

"I guess he told them."  (Here's my guess:  The Chief could be talking to one of the other FF'ers regarding another FF'er who's been exposed?  We know that Anders is separated from them on the Demetrius mission, so perhaps Anders is outed while on that mission?  So Chief would be talking to either Tigh or Tory.)

Chief also has a good scene with Adama, at the bar, sometime in season 4.

Updated 1-18-08 -  Cally kills herself in episode three or four.    (This was posted to a Star Trek message board, from the friend of someone who had auditioned for the show.  The spoilers were later mysteriously removed.  Which actually gives them some cred in my book.  Check out the story at Patriot Resources.   But also, as a secondary source on this, Aaron Douglas was heard to repeat the words "Dead Cally, Dead Cally, Dead Cally" at Dragon Con.) (There are counter rumors going around that Cally does die in episode 3, but that she does not kill herself.)

Added 11-19-07 Michael Taylor Confirms that a "long standing" character dies in episode 3 (Ties That Bind).  He says it will happen in a "suprising way".    From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

- Futher secondary evidence for the early season Cally death is Nikki Clyne's appearance at an Australian convention as a replacement for Kate Vernon.  Kate had to cancel the convention because she'd been called back to film BSG... But apparently Nikki Clyne was not required for filming.

- Added 11-19-07 More secondary evidence - If Razor represents the Season 4 opening credits, Nikki Clyne no longer appears in them.  (I believe they are the season 4 credits because Michael Trucco's name appears despite the fact that he isn't in the movie.)

(According to rumor, Cally thinks that Chief is having an affair because he keeps sneaking off to go to secret meetings with the Four.)

Added 9-27-07 -  At least one other character besides Cally may die in the first few episodes.  This is according to Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune who says:  "at least two characters won't make it all the way through the last year of Battlestar Galactica."  

-  The Chief will shave his head.  (Maybe significant, maybe not.  It could be an expression of his grief for Cally.)  (This is made fairly clear by recent pictures of Aaron Douglas, who told the panel at Dragon Con that shaving his head was a "character choice.")

-  Photo of Aaron with shaved head from SDCC in July from

-  Aaron also said that the Chief was "reacting badly" to the news that he was a Cylon.  (And here I was thinking that he would be the one to handle it the best of the four.  But tack on losing Cally...  Oh, poor Chief.)  Also from Aaron at Dragon Con.  Link Pending.

-  Ron Moore said at SDCC that although Hera has always had a very specific destiny, he's not sure yet if that also applies to Nicholas Tyrol.  (This makes me really worry for poor baby Nicholas.)  From SDCC  Source:  Eoline

Purely speculation regarding Nicholas:  Having read the Season 3 Companion Book, there are several mentions of the Scifi Channel freaking out at the thought of harming Baby Kasey during the New Caprica arc...  Based on that, I hold out hope that the Scifi Channel execs won't let RDM off poor little baby Nicky.

*****Tigh and Ellen spoilers

Added 2-23-08 - Tigh Promo  (Tigh says very sadly, "Anything I've done, I can live with."  There are people milling around in the hallway behind Tigh, but it's impossible to tell to whom he might be speaking.)

-  Added 1-15-08  Tigh will be in "righteous denial" that he is a CylonFrom TV Guide print edition.

-  Tigh is in denial that he is a Cylon.  And he will have another scene with Caprica Six, now from a whole new point of view.  Source:  An EW online article.

Added 10-6-07 - Ellen will make an appearance around episode 9  (Filming for her episode was done in mid Oct.)  She had to cancel a convention appearance in Austraila, Nicki Clyne will go in her place.)  Source:  Supernova convention website.

-  Added 11-1-07 Kate Vernon on set with Michael Hogan and a guest.  (And doesn't Kate's hair look a little like a Six wig?)

Added 11-1-07 Tricia Helfer was also on set that day.  The caption on the picture is that Tricia is doing a scene with Michael Hogan.  (Are Tricia and Kate Vernon wearing the same outfit?)

The above pictures are were found HERE.

-  Added 11-19-07 Episode 8 Sine Qua Non will have a small, but very well acted and touching scene between Tigh and Adama.  From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

*****Tory Spoilers

-  Added 1-15-08  Tory will react with "outright liberation" to her discovery that she is a CylonFrom TV Guide Print Edition.

-  Tory is still with Roslin, and is a better, more efficient  assistant then she was before.  Laura will place more and greater trust in Tory as her health degenerates.  (SDCC interview with Mary McDonnell.)

Added 10-24-07  The Final Four are attempting to discover who their last member is.  They think it might be Baltar, and so they decide to send Tory to get information/figure out if Baltar is a Cylon... by seducing him.  Source:  Syfyportal.

Added 10-11-07 - The Final Four will be looking for the Fifth.  They think Baltar might have the answer, and, in fact, suspect him of being the Fifth.  They send Tory to seduce him for the information.   (Ewwww, if this is true, it's like the guys are pimping her out.  Poor Tory.  Interstingly, this is yet another clue that the Fifth isn't Starbuck.  They obviously will suspect her at first because of the preview clip scene of Anders suggesting it...  Apparently they "clear" her, and move on to Baltar.)  Source:  Syfyportal

*** Gaeta Spoilers

Added 11-6-07 - Ron Moore quote regarding the Gaeta made on 11-4 Q&A:  Source:  Skiffy Board.

Big things ahead for Gaeta this season. 

*****  Dee Spoilers

Added 11-19-07  Dee may have a dark side From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

***** Boomer Spoilers

Added 11-19-07  "Boomer will be back big time, baby"  
From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.

*****Zarek Spoilers
Added 9-27-07 -  Tom Zarek is still alive and still Vice President at the beginning of the season.  He is in at least one episode, and possibly a second.  Source:  SDCC panel via IGN.

*****Barolay Spoilers

-  Barolay, is also involved in the action scene that includes Anders and Caprica.  Her face is bloodied.  Also from Tricia's blog.

-  Here's that picture with Allisen Downey as Jean Barolay in it.

*****D'Anna Spoilers

- Lucy Lawless will be back for the mid season two parter.  (But they are being vague about exactly how many episodes she's signed for.  So don't be surprised if she turns up again before the end. )  See Eonline for details.

  One possible reason that Three is un-boxed:  "There will be people who will be very interested in knowing what Three knows by that point.".. (i.e. the identity of the Final Five.)  From Eonline and Lucy Lawless at SDCC.

D'anna may appear in four mid-season episodes, 10 thru 13.

*****General Cylon and Final Five Spoilers

- Added 1-15-08  A quote from Sci Fi Exec. Mark Stern regarding the Last Cylon form TV Guide Print Edition

"It's going to surprise a lot of people.  The reveal will have great emotional resonanceand will make many things that happened in the first three seasons click into place and make sense."  (Spec added 2-23-08 - this is worth speculating on because it implies that the last Cylon is an important character, who's been around from the beginning.  Does this eliminate characters such as Romo who are relative new comers?)

-  Added 1-12-08  According to Aaron Douglas, the final Cylon will be revealed by the mid-season break. (And he seems to eliminate Doc Cottle form the suspect list.)  He also states that it is someone we've known.

- Added 12-13-08 Also according to AD at the above link, he doesn't believe there is a Cylon God.  He believes there are five of them.

-  Added 1-12-08  According to Ron Moore in EW - regarding the Last Supper image:  The Final Cylon is NOT in the picture.  This would appear to eliminate all major characters, including Adama, Roslin, Apollo, Starbuck and Baltar.  (Remaining possibilities include  Dee and Gaeta (as the only two main-credits characters who are not in the picture.)  But also recurring characters such as Romo, and Tom Zarek, minor characters such as Racetrack, Hotdog and Seelix, and possibly dead characters such as Cain, Kendra and Ellen.)

-  There will be a battle on a basestar involving a revolt by the Bullet Heads against the Humlons.  The Bullet Heads aren't certain that they want to attack the RTF any more because there is a rumor that the Final Five are hiding there.  (This is from Syfy Portal(It's possible that this Bullet Head/Raider revolt results from this apparent contact between Anders and a Raider from the promo.)

As a consequence of this Cylon Civil War, three humlon models are utterly destroyed.  Not boxed, GONE.  The three models are all the same gender.  (There is some speculative evidence that it isn't Leoben, because CKR was still filming as of episode eight. He had to cancel his appearance at a British convention because he was still needed for filming.  (Yes, I know, counter evidence is that CKR could be playing Head Leoben...)  There is also strong evidence to support that it isn't SIX, because Tricia says she's been doing a lot of work as Natalie in her SDCC interview.  And besides, it can't be the women because we know LL is coming back for the mid-season two parter...  So, by deductive reasoning it must be Doral, Simon and Cavil.  To further support this, there has not been any spoilers regarding Dean Stockwell guest appearances, as there has for Callum Keith Rennie and Lucy Lawless.)  Although, of course, Dean Stockwell does appear in the trailerIn fact, I take back the speuculation that it couldn't be the women because Tricia would still be around to play Caprica, and Grace to play Athena -- both of whom would be safe as they are with the human fleet.  The question would then remain about the unboxing of D'Anna. And where would it leave Boomer?   (This is from Ausiello, August 1st Column and Syfy Portal.)

-  Ron Moore is on record saying he knows who the last Cylon is, and that he's told the annointed actor or actress.  (From the EW Article.)

-  Apparently, the Final Five Cylons are vastly different.  So vastly different, in fact that they were born not made, don't have copies, and cannot resurrect.  (To which I say Meh!  Talk about taking all the fun out of being a Cylon.)  Source:  Battlestar Blog Post.

  Ron also says that during the course of the season we'll find out who, what, when, where and why they got those Final Five Cylons into positions of power. - Source:  Eonlie

- Added 11-6-07 - Ron Moore quote regarding the Cylon numbering made on 11-4 Q&A:  Source:  Skiffy Board.  "The numbers will be mentioned during the season and I think you'll be able to ID each of them. There is one important thing in the numbering."

- Added 11-6-07  Per Mark Shepherd at Starfury:  regarding the fifth cylon, it hasnt been revealed yet who it is, but Mark said that AT LEAST one person has been informed that they are a cylon when they actually are not. I believe that Ron Moore told him this if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, it looks as if they are taking creative steps to try to protect the secrets of the final season. - Source:  Skiffy Board.

*****Romo Lampkin spoilers

- Mark Shepherd will make another appearance at Romo Lampkin.  (Various sources including Mark Shepherd at Dragon Con.)
Added 11-6-07-  Per Mark Shepherd at the Starfury Convention:  Romo is like the son that Joseph Adama never had in the sense that Bill went into the life in the miltary and didnt practice law. Romo filled that role as his protege and they will visit this relationship in season four.  Source:  Skiffy Board.

Added 11-6-07- Ron Moore quotes regarding Romo made on 11-4 Q&A:  Skiffy Board   Ah, the fate of Romo Lampkin and his connections to the mysterious events of that day. If only I could tell you, it would curl your nosehairs...

(Or actually, there may be no connection at all, but who's to say when April is that far away?)

Added 11-19-07 - It appears that Romo will indeed be back in episode 10 Sine Qua Non.  He'll be having a crisis.  (We seem to have some evidence that Baltar, although freed, has not been forgiven.  I wonder how the people of the fleet are treating Romo?  My guess is not very well. )  From Michael Taylor interview by Maureen Ryan.


*****In Highly Important Pet Related News

-Romo's cat (Lance) will be back.  Source:  Skiffy Board.

-Jake will be back! (Whoo Hoo)  Source:   Ron Moore Q&A on the Skiffy Board.

Added 11-19-07  It appears that Jake and Lance will both be returning in episode 8, Sine Qua Non, along with Romo Lampkin.

I think this is a fairly comprehensive look at what's known to date.  There are other things out there, which are either too vague, or I'm not certain of.  The stuff above, I'm fairly confident is legit.




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Jan. 15th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
I closed my eyes and waited for all the pictures to load so I could scroll down and comment to say... YOU! This is so tempting. I read a few of your spoilers a couple months ago but have since decided to give them up for the most part.


(It's hard!)
Jan. 16th, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
:tee hee: I guess I'm just mean that way. It's sad, I can't totally break the spoiler habit, having you know, actually run a spoiler community in the past. But fwiw - BSG is officially the only show I'm currently spoiled for. I've been really good about staying off Chuck and Supernatural boards, even though I actually have spoilers available to me for both those shows, if I wanted them.
Jan. 16th, 2008 03:17 am (UTC)
I have still resisted hahah. This post has made me stronger!

*doesn't scroll up*
Jan. 16th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
There are some pretty, pretty pictures up there...

:blinks innocently:
Jan. 16th, 2008 03:25 am (UTC)
You are evil!
Jan. 16th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
So I've been told. >:D
Jan. 17th, 2008 12:22 am (UTC)
Got here via a link on TWoP and I must say that this is a great resource. I'm bookmarking it for future visits. Thanks so much for the compilation! April can't get here fast enough. :)
Jan. 17th, 2008 01:24 am (UTC)
Thank you. Just keep in mind that you might have to check the main journal page. LJ has been funky on editing old posts, so I'm finding that I'm having to create brand new ones for updates.
Jan. 18th, 2008 09:36 am (UTC)
"Cally kills herself in episode three or four"

Cally dies but she does not kill herself.
Jan. 18th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks Mr. or Ms. Anonymous for stopping by with your intriguing comment. I've speculated the same.
Jan. 18th, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the summary! (And esp. for the set pics; I hadn't seen those yet...)

Is it April yet?


Patience? Not my strong suit.
Jan. 18th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean. At least now that we're in the same calendar year, it doesn't feel nearly as far off as it did before.
Jan. 19th, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)
Last Supper pic – item on the table
I'm wondering why no-one mentioned anything about the items on the table in the Last Supper picture! I’m sure everything on that table is placed carefully and for a specific purpose. Ron Moor states that “Laura’s burning something of importance that has to do with a plot turn midseason.” So let’s take a look at the other items: in front of Tigh is a closed book. It appears that a pen and paper sit in front of Lee. Baltar has a glass 2/3 filled with (probably) water. Head Six has nothing – maybe because she isn’t really there! Kara also has a closed book in front of her and Sam has a glass almost full of (probably) water. Tyrol is actually holding his Item – a knife – that Moor hints has to do with Cally and their child. A spoiler above mentions Cally’s fate, and maybe Tyrol and his knife played a role, hmmm? Athena (not Sharon!!!!) and Helo have an OPEN book in front of them and appear to be reacting to the accusing finger-pointing by Natalie who has no item associated with her. Admiral Adama also does not have an item on the table, but look at the ring on the left-hand ring finger!!! Does anyone know if he ever wore that before? Maybe he and Laure got married!!! Heh And finally, the missing person, supposedly the last unknown Cylon, has a metal (possibly silver) chalice. Can you say “holy grail”??? Okay, discuss!
Jan. 19th, 2008 12:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Last Supper pic – item on the table
I agree with Aaron Douglas on most of these points. Over-analysis of this picture isn't going to get us anywhere.
Jan. 19th, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
Re: Last Supper pic – item on the table
>Admiral Adama ... look at the ring on the left-hand ring finger!!! Does anyone know if he ever wore that before?<

Yes. He's always worn that ring.

- \"/
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
Thanks Meshel!

I've already got that jotted down right here by my computer along with:

"Daddy's sorry."
"Drop your dicks and grab your sticks."


"I guess he told them."

(And boy do I have some interesting spec for all of that!)
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
And .... "working with Eddie in season 4 in a very specific scene in the bar."
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)
Oh! Thanks, I almost overlooked that one. The other updates have been made.
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
No problem. I was thinking of your thread as I was reading his replies.
Jan. 23rd, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
Thanks! I would have gotten to it earlier in the evening but stuff gets in the way. Aaron is absolutely awesome to come and chat with the fans the way he does. :D
Jan. 26th, 2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
- Apparently, the Final Five Cylons are vastly different. So vastly different, in fact that they were born not made, don't have copies, and cannot resurrect.

Well, thanks for totally blowing away my theory of the final cylon being Caprica Six. Yes, that specific individual copy of the Six model. Cuz hey, who'd ever suspect someone we already know is a cylon of being a cylon?
Jan. 26th, 2008 03:26 pm (UTC)

But I think that theory is wrong anyway. 12 humanoid models requires 12 different... models. Not 11 models and a repeat. Caprica is a Six.

My money's still on Roslin. (If I were forced to bet.) But Dualla and Gaeta are candidates too. Long shots are Kendra and Cain.
Jan. 26th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
She wouldn't (argh) be a repeat, she'd just happen to look exactly like a different model. Kendra and Cain have the same problems as Ellen Tigh, in that they're dead and if the Five don't resurrect. If we're to take that as a given absolute.

Gaeta or Dee would be real letdowns, although if I had to bet between those two I'd call Gaeta.

Is it April yet? *cries*

Edited at 2008-01-26 04:46 pm (UTC)
Jan. 27th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
At least April doesn't feel as far away now that we're in the same calendar year.

I don't know that I totally buy that the Five can't resurrect. If they're Cylons, they can resurrect. Now, I've no doubt that, for dramatic purposes, and so that these characters can be "in jeopardy" there will be doubt about that. And maybe, in the end, there will be some mechanism about why they can't resurrect. However, this piece of information has been given out entirely too freely, and thus, nope, I don't entirely trust it. Which is why I think Kendra and Cain can be on the table for last Cylon.

I think, for dramatic purposes, that Laura is the best choice. And she fits with the "redemption will come through terrible suffering" part of the prophecy very well because of her cancer.

There are numerous reasons why Dee would work. And there are many ways to build that up during the course of the season to ease people's sense of "letdown" should it be her.

For many reasons, not the least of which has to do with gender parity among the 12 models.. (I mean, come on, eight men & only four women? one of whom is boxed? I would be furious with RDM. And don't even try to tell me that there are only four archetypes of women, and they are Amazon, Glamazon, Ingénue and executive assistant. :( ) Anyway, many of the pictures and graphics did seem to indicate that the FF is three males and two females.

So I'm sticking with Laura or Dee.
Jan. 27th, 2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
I think the main objection to Roslin is then what do you need Tori for? Gaeta makes more sense then Dee, since he was Baltar's right hand man on New Caprica, which would fit in with the 'second banana' meme going on among the five. But yeah, I agree that 8/4 in favor of dangly bits would be kind of lame. Which doesn't mean it can't be, just that it doesn't seem like something the cylons would do.

I'm gonna go back to my Caprica Six theory if the 'no goo-tubs for the five' isn't written in stone. On top of the wtf factor, it would make sense that the Five would have an agent among the skinjobs. It could work!
Jan. 27th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
The Caprica thing doesn't work for me because it's well established that Caprica is a SIX. And there are supposed to be twelve models, not eleven and a duplicate.

I do kind of like the idea that the Five would have someone watching over the Seven. But my theory is that Cavil knows who the Five are. (See that whole counseling session he had with Tyrol in LDYBII, and the fact that there was a Cavil copy hidden with Anders in the Resistance, who presumably could have brought down the Resistance at any time, but didn't.)

And Dee works better then Gaeta because of Lee. Adama has Tigh, Roslin has Tory, Starbuck has Anders, Chief has Galactica (and that doesn't exactly fit the second bananna theory either...) But none of them are attached to Lee - Unless his Ex wife turns out to be a Cylon. Because there would be a lot of irony in that.

There are lots of other things about Dee too. Starting with her name... Anastacia means Resurrection in Greek. Dualla means twelve in Sanskrit. ;) Then there are a whole series of events that are really interesting. Dee lost the Olympic Carrier. She attached herself to Billy, and later to Lee, both people of great importance. She talked Adama into reuniting the Fleet in Home. She survived the Cylon attack in Valley of Darkness. She helped Lee free Laura in Resistance she helped FFers Tigh and Tory rig the election for Laura. She's ragingly Anti-Baltar, and pro-Roslin as are the other FFers. She even left Lee over Baltar, rather then over the crappy way he treated her.

The only reason I pick Roslin over Dualla is that Roslin would be more dramatic, and because of the cancer as an expression of suffering. I do keep in mind that RDM indicated that the Final Cylon *wasn't* in the Last Supper picture, which seems to eliminate Laura. (But RDM also said Starbuck was dead, so he lies. ;)

Jan. 27th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
it's well established that Caprica is a SIX

It's also well established that Tigh is a human. ;-P Err, it used to be. Don't be so hung up on "Caprica" being a "Six".

Dualla means twelve in Sanskrit. ;)
The Chief is Number 12. :-P

Another point in favor of Caprica is that according to these spoilers the four are looking for the fifth, and Caprica's someone they won't be considering either! It might also explain why she's on the shitship mission, if she's been outed by then.

Feb. 18th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
Aaron Douglas was able to choose his cylon number according to his lj interview. His choice to be #12, not the writers' or producers' choice.

But if Dee were the final cylon, she would be the 12th to be revealed, so it still works.
Mar. 20th, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)
Google bounced me here, and I must say, you are a god among humans.
Mar. 23rd, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
Are you sure that this quote is accurate? "The numbers will be mentioned during the season and I think you'll be able to ID each of them. There is one important thing in the numbering." The Skiffy Board thread linked to doesn't have these words.
Mar. 26th, 2008 07:11 pm (UTC)
Never mind, I found the thread, but it's not the one linked to here.
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