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[sticky post] Master Post of One Direction Series

I've done several multi-part series on One Direction, and here is your guide on where to find them!

The First Series was The Birthday Series, 5 Facts About 5x5. This began in January 2014, shortly after I discovered this band.

Zayn Malik's 21st Birthday
Liam Payne - Not His Birthday
Harry Style's 20th Birthday
Niall Horan - Not His Birthday
Louis Tomlinson - Not His Birthday
Liam Payne's 21st Birthday (Yes, This Time It Was His Birthday)
Niall Horan's 21st Birthday (Yes, This Time It Was His Birthday)

The Second Series was The Weed Video. The Weed Scandal This series was written in June and July 2014

The Weed Video - Prolog
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 1: Young Love
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 2: The Non-Apology Apology
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 3: Putting the Chicken Back In the Chicken Dinner
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 4: All About Harry
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 5: The Irish Prince
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 6: The Rehabilitation of Zayn Malik
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 7: LouisLouisLouisLou Why?
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 8: Rays of Sunshine

The First Shipping Series SUMMER SHIP WARS SERIES, 2014 This was written in July and August, 2014. This series basically lays out the landscape of the 1D fandom as it existed at that time.

Part One - Tinhatting as a Lifestyle
Part Two - The Woeful Tale of the Oppressed Pop Princes
Part Three - Larry vs. Elounor
Part Four - Larry vs. Ziam
Part Five - All the Little Things (Sophiam vs. Elounor and Payzer)
Part Six - The Story Of Zerrie
Part Seven - Introducing the Reign of Narry

The Second Shipping Series WINTER SHIP WARS SERIES, 2015 This was written in January and early February of 2015, in other words, just before the ship hit the fan, so to speak... :(

Part One - Larry Vs. Elounor: Going Up The Down Escalator
Part Two - Harry Styles: The Winter Boyfriend
Part Three - Sophiam, Ziam Zerrie: The Quadrangle of Doom
Part Four - Niall Horan: Whoa Nelly

Fifteen Part OTRA Tour Series called ROAD KILL: A LOVE STORY. This epic series is a recap of the OTRA tour - the Tour that ate the fandom.

Part One - Setting the Stage (Important Pre-Tour Events)
Part Two - Australia (Feb 7 to Feb 20)
Part Three - Japan Feb 24 to March 2)
Part Four - The Last Deep Breath Before The Fall (First Tour Break March 3 to March 10)
Part Five The Phoenix On Fire (The One Where Zayn Leaves the Tour, March 11 to March 19)
Part Six - The Phoenix In Ashes (The Loss Becomes Official March 20 to March 25)
Part Seven - OT4 Take Flight (Africa & Dubai March 26 to April 4)
Part Eight - Clean Living (Long Break, April)
Part Nine - Dirty Secrets (The Long Break, May)
Part Ten - A Summertime Ball (Europe, June 6 to June 28)
Part Eleven - Fourth of July (Third Tour Break June 29 to July 8)
Part Twelve - #Real Music (North America July 9 to August 11)
Part Thirteen - Birthdays and Broken Legs (North America August 12 to Sept 12)
Part Fourteen - Drag Me Down (UK & Ireland Sept 24 to Oct 31)
Part Fifteen - In The AM (The Aftermath (Nov 1 to Dec 13 and into the Hiatus)



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