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[sticky post] Master Post of One Direction Series

I've done several multi-part series on One Direction, and here is your guide on where to find them!

The First Series was The Birthday Series, 5 Facts About 5x5. This began in January 2014, shortly after I discovered this band.

Zayn Malik's 21st Birthday
Liam Payne - Not His Birthday
Harry Style's 20th Birthday
Niall Horan - Not His Birthday
Louis Tomlinson - Not His Birthday
Liam Payne's 21st Birthday (Yes, This Time It Was His Birthday)
Niall Horan's 21st Birthday (Yes, This Time It Was His Birthday)

The Second Series was The Weed Video. The Weed Scandal This series was written in June and July 2014

The Weed Video - Prolog
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 1: Young Love
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 2: The Non-Apology Apology
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 3: Putting the Chicken Back In the Chicken Dinner
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 4: All About Harry
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 5: The Irish Prince
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 6: The Rehabilitation of Zayn Malik
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 7: LouisLouisLouisLou Why?
The Weed Video Aftermath - Part 8: Rays of Sunshine

The First Shipping Series SUMMER SHIP WARS SERIES, 2014 This was written in July and August, 2014. This series basically lays out the landscape of the 1D fandom as it existed at that time.

Part One - Tinhatting as a Lifestyle
Part Two - The Woeful Tale of the Oppressed Pop Princes
Part Three - Larry vs. Elounor
Part Four - Larry vs. Ziam
Part Five - All the Little Things (Sophiam vs. Elounor and Payzer)
Part Six - The Story Of Zerrie
Part Seven - Introducing the Reign of Narry

The Second Shipping Series WINTER SHIP WARS SERIES, 2015 This was written in January and early February of 2015, in other words, just before the ship hit the fan, so to speak... :(

Part One - Larry Vs. Elounor: Going Up The Down Escalator
Part Two - Harry Styles: The Winter Boyfriend
Part Three - Sophiam, Ziam Zerrie: The Quadrangle of Doom
Part Four - Niall Horan: Whoa Nelly

Fifteen Part OTRA Tour Series called ROAD KILL: A LOVE STORY. This epic series is a recap of the OTRA tour - the Tour that ate the fandom.

Part One - Setting the Stage (Important Pre-Tour Events)
Part Two - Australia (Feb 7 to Feb 20)
Part Three - Japan Feb 24 to March 2)
Part Four - The Last Deep Breath Before The Fall (First Tour Break March 3 to March 10)
Part Five The Phoenix On Fire (The One Where Zayn Leaves the Tour, March 11 to March 19)
Part Six - The Phoenix In Ashes (The Loss Becomes Official March 20 to March 25)
Part Seven - OT4 Take Flight (Africa & Dubai March 26 to April 4)
Part Eight - Clean Living (Long Break, April)
Part Nine - Dirty Secrets (The Long Break, May)
Part Ten - A Summertime Ball (Europe, June 6 to June 28)
Part Eleven - Fourth of July (Third Tour Break June 29 to July 8)
Part Twelve - #Real Music (North America July 9 to August 11)
Part Thirteen - Birthdays and Broken Legs (North America August 12 to Sept 12)
Part Fourteen - Drag Me Down (UK & Ireland Sept 24 to Oct 31)
Part Fifteen - In The AM (The Aftermath (Nov 1 to Dec 13 and into the Hiatus)


Heads Up

Just to give a heads up to anyone reading this journal. I intend to delete this LJ and transfer as much as possible to Dreamwidth.

I no longer feel comfortable with the ownership here.

Yes, it is painful to abandon something I've maintained for twelve years. But I rarely go back to the old stuff, so I'm probably only transferring my One Direction era posts and saying adios to the rest of it. (Most of which I made private a few years ago anyway.)

So anyway, I'm still Cujoy at Dreamwidth.

Louis Tomlinson Family Tragedy

I thought I would Dust this off again to talk about the One Direction tragedy that happened last week.  Specifically, Louis Tomlinson's mother, Johanna Deakin passed away after battling Leukemia since May.  The fandom had no clue that this was happening the entire year, which highlights the shallowness of fandom specultating, because whatever we were speculating about during 2016, it wasn't that...  

Anyway, in the same year, Louis saw the birth of his first child, and the death of his mother. And I start crying even thinking about it.

Unless you are intimately acquainted with the story of 1D members, you probably don't know the story of Louis and his mother.   When he was born, She was a single mother, 18 years old.  I believe that they lived with her parents.  His biological father was also a teenager, and he walked out on having responsibility for Louis very early on.  Johanna married Mark Tomlinson several years later, and Mark adopted Louis, which is why he has his last name.  Johanna and Mark had four daughters together, Lottie (18), Felicity (16) and twins Daisy and Phoebe (12).  Her marriage to Mark broke up at some point, and two years ago she married Dan Deakin with whom she had two more children, a second set of twins, Ernest and Doris who are now two years old.

She was an incredible woman who was holding together an incredible family.

<-- Louis and Johanna at a charity gala they held together in 2015 for severly ill children.

Here's a full family photo taken this past April, just before Johanna became ill.  Louis is holding Freddie, and Johanna is holding Ernest and Doris.

After Johanna's passing was announced on Dec. 9, it was announced that Louis would be appearing on the X-Factor to perform a song he'd written in honor of his mother, and which she had been looking forward to seeing him perform.  So he went on the air with it last weekend, even though it was only a few days after her passing.  It is a happy, cheery and upbeat dance song called Just Hold On.  

Niall, Liam and Harry were all back stage for Louis' performance.  They dropped what they were doing to come and support him. OT4 Lives!  And the public feud/separation between Louis and Zayn has also ended with words of support and love from Zayn to Louis, and reports that they have also buried the hatched privately. All of which is very heartening.

Now, you know I'm always going to be a fan of this silly boyband. There is no escaping it.   They make me feel happy and sad all the time, and I think this is actually a beautiful thing, and this just the way it is going to be.

Dark Matter

I think Dark Matter is a highly entertaining show. It is my fav space opera in a very long time. However, alas, it gets no media buzz or fandom participation of any kind, which makes me very sad.

There seems to be some media buzz for Killjoys, but I usually forget to watch it, or it lingers unwatched on the DVR.


Also, I kind of enjoyed 12 Monkeys last year, but this year, like many TV shows, it ended up mostly collecting unwatched on my DVR. I have this thing where I watch many shows intently for a season, but then lose all feeling for them when they come back. Other examples would be I-Zombie or The 100.

Fear The Walking Dead is in danger of falling into that category as well, except that I watch it with my siblings on Sundays, so it's a Thing we do. Ergo, they will keep me watching it.

Anyway, how is it going?


Damn, I really loved those last two episodes.  Really loved them a lot.  I thought that the first five episodes of the season were really good, and the last two were epic.  There were three in the middle that were a little filler-ish, but at least the Hound returned.  (I hope Gendry shows up next year too...)

Between Dany's triumphant armada and Jon becoming King of the North, I was floored.

Those are the things I'm interested in following up on next year.  But Cercie and Littlefinger (both of whom seem so out of step with what is really going on for their people... and to be honest, kind of obsolete) are still hanging on and will have to be dealt with.  I hope they will be dealt with swiftly.  (OK, yes, I'm bored with them...)  (Here is hoping that long delayed character development for Jamie finally shows up.)

Three things that we have been waiting 20 years for, (for book readers) finally happened.

* We saw inside the Tower of Joy to find out what we already knew about Jon's parentage.  Next step, if for Jon to find out.  I wonder how Bran will accomplish that. I wonder how much more Emo John will be after he finds out. ;)

* Dany left for Westeros with her armada, armies and dragons (I hope that Theon, Yara, Grey Worm, Tyrion, Missendei, Varys and Dany don't have to stand in those hero poses all the way to Westeros...) I actually expect that there will be obstacles given to her just because otherwise it will be too much of a cake walk. Maybe a storm takes out some ships. And probably Euron shows up.

<-- Sorry, but the hero poses cracked me up.

* Winter finally came.

<-- So, so beautiful

I would like to make a couple of comments based on things I read on Tumblr yesterday.

First: I find it hilarious that the number one ship war in the fandom is between those who want the emo pretty-boy to end up with his sister vs. those who want the emo pretty-boy to end up with his aunt.

Second: I read a really interesting take on the Prince Who Was Promised.  The idea is not that the Prince or Princess was promised to the people by an outside force, but rather that the Prince was someone to whom something was promised.  i.e. Jon's safety being promised to Lyanna by Ned.  Given how really powerful that scene was, and how it haunts Ned in the books, this take makes sense.  Two other things I would site as evidence is that Ned's last words to Jon were to promise him that he'd tell him about his mother the next time they saw each other...  On the show, "I promise". were literally the last words Ned spoke to Jon.  And in this last episode - the same one in which R+L=J is confirmed, and in which Jon is given a crown - Jon says, "Well, Father always promised" in regards to Winter coming.  So the specter of the Promise truly hangs over Jon and Ned. There is something going on here, methinks.

(As an aside, Jon has said, "I'm not a Stark" at least twice. In the first episode, and in the episode in which he is crowned.)

And also, Lyanna Mormont RULES.  And if she were played by an older actress, I think that Jon + Lyanna Mormont would give Jon/Sansa and Jon/Dany a run for their money shipping wise.  I mean, seriously, she basically put him on a throne.

<-- seriously, don't mess with her.

Oh, and he's got her family's Valarion Steel Sword, and:

Used a Mormont shield to protect himself from Ramsey's arrows.  There is definitely a connection between Jon and House Mormont.  So, Jorah had better find that cure so that he can come and take care of his niece...

So, that is all I got.

Battle of the Bastard's Tonight

I hope I survive.

Ahaha Probably not.

GOT Shipping

OK, so I've decided on who I ship on Game of Thrones, and which couples I'm rooting for.

Jon & Sansa, as I said in my last post. I SHIP SO HARD!!

I remember back a few years ago, I shipped Arya/Gendry almost as hard. But than his character disappeared in a row boat. I've always thought that he is way to great a character to waste like that. BRING HIM BACK!!

Finally, and this one is probably unpopular. I ship Dany/Darrio. I thought at first that he seemed like a cheap Fabio knock-off brought in to kill some time until Dany flew to Westeros, and then they'd do a Jon/Dany thing. And they still might, who knows. But that romance has been around for awhile now, and when they recast him last year with a much hotter actor, the ship has grown on me to the point where I care about it. (Grrrr, on this show...)

Now, I know a lot of book readers want SanSan. But I don't really feel that in the show at all. And I actually thought, that Sansa/Tyrion had a good chance of being an End Game couple so as to give that whole wedding storyline a point. And I do think that Tyrion totally deserves to be someone's endgame love interest. But Sansa's storyline has become so much about WinterFell, I kind of want her to get a chance to stay there. And Tyrion is tied to whatever happens to Dany now. (And I think he's likely to be the last Lannister standing, so thus get Title to Casterly Rock...)

Anyhow, those are my thoughts...

Two and a Half Years of 1D

Ah so.

I've been working my way out of the 1D fandom over the last several months. (Obviously). It can be a hard thing working your way out of a fandom, but, I am finally at the point where I can barely look at 1D stuff these days, so the falling out of love with a fandom part of fandom is in the late stages finally.

God, I hope that as time passes, I can go back to loving and supporting these boys solo projects, but right now, that fandom is a big NO. (I hope to check in once a month or so to see if the Larries have figured things out yet. LOL, no they won't, not while the Big Blogs can hold onto their sheep.)

But to take a moment to reminisce about this particular fandom I'm sure that many who have followed me for a long time, would have been shocked that I ever fell into that one in the first place because it is COMPLETELY different than anything I got into before fandomwise. But it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I will never forget the process of falling in love with the band that I went through in Dec. 2013, and just what a buzz they were. A breath of fresh air and sunshine, and DAMN what a ride.

Sorry, not sorry. :)


You know how I know that I'm moving on?

I've watched that scene over and over and over again.  I followed blogs and searched tags and downloaded GIFS and changed my Icon.  Oh dear, oh dear.  I SHIP IT SO HARD!!!!!!!

Jon x Sansa


I know it was a sibling reunion, but it was staged as a romance, and I'm sure that was intentional.   I mean when they first made eye contact, one of them was standing on a gods damned balcony.  How is that not romantic coding?????  Open mouthed staring, heavy breathing, pregnant pauses (pardon the expression...).  And then the enormous embrace.

And then in their later scenes there was wide eyed staring, flirtatious giggling, and of course, hand holding...   It's almost like they wanted people to ship it.  ;)

(Of course I also dread it because GOT tends to ruin nice things.  Which is why I love it while it's on, but stay alert at all times.)

Just A Post

I haven't meant to be on hiatus, but sometimes that just kind of happens.

1D fandom is in a very bad place, somewhere trapped in a weird suspended animation where nobody knows what is actually going on. You know where that leads to? Fandom Hell. Not really the kind of thing that's fun to report on.

I think the biggest problem is that the fandom had this huge expectation that something big would happen in March - specifically that the band would announce their next plans after the old contracts expired, which was supposedly March.

And then of course, nothing happened. So here we are.

Of course the focal point of all the drama is Louis Tomlinson's three month old son. This innocent boy has literal articles written about him on sites like Buzzfeed reporting fan theories about how he doesn't exist. That his birth certificate is fake even though multiple fans and news organizations have pulled it from the Ventura County courthouse, that every picture of him is photoshopped, that Louis walks around Calabasas, CA with a DOLL in a stroller to make himself look like an attentive father, that infant actors are employed to play the roll of "Freddie Tomlinson" on Louis, Briana, and other family members social media. The list goes on an on.

Literally, this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in any fandom. I'm actually quite livid about it. I do what I can to counter this bullshit on Tumblr, and of course many other blogs are as well. But the truth is that this fandom allowed the Larries to entrench themselves so deeply, and so early in the fandom, that there are literally tens of thousands of these Tinhats spreading their beliefs around the internet, that it is very much a Pandora's Box situation. They are able to drum up so much noise that outlets such as TMZ and Buzzfeed picked up the "fake baby" story. And even though both TMZ and Buzzfeed, of course rescinded, and ultimately denied their stories, the fact that they posted them at all just serves to validate those fucking Tinhat parasites.

Like I said, this situation is not good. And the Tinhats weekly set new expectations for their hoards of followers that it's all "so obvious" that it will all be over soon. And the followers just string along, as they have for almost six years, waiting for salvation in the non-existance of a baby, and two pop stars finally announcing their eternal love to prove them right.

So, anyway, Freddie is adorable.

<-- from Louis' instagram


I finally got Netflix - Does anyone else LOVE Marco Polo. What a gorgeous TV show.

I'm also really fond of Man in the High Castle on Amazon. Great concept.

I'm not embarrassed to say that the kids show on Amazon called Just Add Magic is possibly the cutest thing on TV. I loved it so much. (Goes to show where I'm at with my TV watching habits.)

I'm also going to classify the new Fuller House on Netflix as a guilty pleasure. I know there are some seriously stupid plot twists and scenarios, but overall, I love the chemistry of the three female leads.

Also on Netflix, while I enjoyed Jessica Jones, I couldn't get through the first episode of Daredevil. Sense 8 was.. um... porn I guess. I still watched the whole thing, if you know what I mean... ;)

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